Trace Harris - Alexandra Rose Creative

An interview with Trace Harris

Trace needs little introduction, especially if you were a keen raver ‘back in the day’.

Our usual Q&A’s are normally pretty short and sweet, so we’ve decided to delve a little deeper into the lives of our chosen creatives.

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Marc de Groot - Photographer Q&A

Marc de Groot – Photographer Q&A

The summer-residing photographer is a household name here in Ibiza, especially for those in the music industry.

Marc de Groot is a confident, artistic and creative personality here on the island.

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Jennifer Bexley – aka Jennuine Fitness


Meet Jen, a Fitness and Yoga instructor based in Ibiza.

Jen has a passion for helping her clients build a better, healthier version of themselves. 

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Chris Gray Photography - UK/IBIZA/DUBAI

Chris Gray Photography


Chris is an exceptionally talented and creative portraits and events photographer from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We wanted to get an inside look into his life, as an ‘up and coming’ digital shutterbug in the fashion industry.

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