Thing to do when it’s raining on Ibiza

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Thing to do when it’s raining on Ibiza

Ibiza enjoys an average of 300 days glorious sunshine a year.

Those remaining days however, often leave people feeling stuck on things to do, especially if you’re only over for a short break.

Fear not though – as we’ve come up with a list of 6 things you can get up to here, when the weather isn’t on your side.

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The best gifts for Mother’s Day from Ibiza – 2021

Undecided on what to get for mum this Sunday?

Yes we know that Spanish Mother’s Day isn’t until the 2nd May, however the expat mums get the pleasure of celebrating it twice a year, which is a bonus if your offspring live with you on the island.

We know that many of you haven’t been able to visit family during these difficult times, which is why we’ve decided to put some extra special ideas on our list this year, as we’re sure that mum deserves the world right now.

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Halloween on Ibiza 2018

Halloween on Ibiza

Halloween on Ibiza 2018

Just because the season has ended for the year that doesn’t mean the party is over.

The island will be taking a slightly more sinister turn however on Wednesday.

As the Ghosts and Ghouls of the White Isle will be summoned to enjoy an evening of food and dance under the Balearic stars.

Everyone’s invited, dead or alive!

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