A Q&A with Marc de Groot – Photographer

Marc de Groot - Alexandra Rose Creative

The summer-residing photographer is a household name on the island.

Marc de Groot is a bubbly, and well-loved character amongst the Ibiza’s residents.

Along with his amazing skills behind the camera, he’s also a dab-hand on the decks, appearing on stage at clubs such as O Beach, for their popular Hot Bed parties.

We wanted the lowdown on his creative photography career, to give you a little insight into his exciting professional life here in Ibiza.

Here’s his Q&A!

Q: What career did you see for yourself growing up?

    A: I can’t actually remember, but it definitely wasn’t photography!
    Q: What made you choose this path?
    A: I kind of fell into it by chance. Back in 2005 I found a clubbing website called dontstayin.com and I started to take photos in the clubs, as well as DJ’ing.  It grew very quickly from there.
    Q: What made you choose Ibiza as your summer home?
    A: I used to get booked to take photos at various parties by promoters in London. I started shooting in Ibiza in 2006. As every year went by, I would visit more frequently for work. It got to the point where I was spending more time in Ibiza than I was in the UK, so from 2012 I decided to base myself there every summer!
O Beach Ibiza - Alexandra Rose Creative
O Beach Ibiza – Alexandra Rose Creative
    Q: What’s your favourite venue to work with on the island and why?
    A: Any outdoor party is better than inside a club in my personal opinion, but Benimussa is probably my favourite party venue for photography work.
    Q:  What has been your biggest career achievement to date?

A: There’s two! The first was being on Britan’s Next Top Model as a photographer back in 2007,  and the second was doing press shots for Carl Cox.

Carl Cox - Marc de Groot photography
Carl Cox – Marc de Groot photography

Q:  Epic work fail?

A: Turning up to shoot at a club and forgetting to take spare batteries! I had to drive back home and get them mid-shoot. I won’t say which party it was, but thankfully no one noticed!

Q: What can we expect to see from you this summer in Ibiza?

A: Hopefully more of the same, club photos and videos, DJ press shots, weddings and music videos. It obviously all depends on how the season pans out with recent events.

Q:  If you could give one piece of advice to budding photographers, what would it be?

A: Keep practicing all the time. Take photos wherever you go, and don’t have a business plan! Just enjoy the journey and see where it takes you!

We’re looking forward to seeing more work from Marc this coming summer, in the meantime you can see some more of his amazing shots via his Facebook page, Instagram or his website.


HOME COOKED HEROES – Bringing Ibiza’s famous hospitality to everyone at home.

Home Cooked Heroes

The concept of #homecookedheroes came to mind during our ongoing period of ‘lockdown’ here on the island.

One thing we all enjoy is food. We love restaurants, cooking, looking at images of food or simply just talking about it.

Food is what brings people together, especially here in Ibiza.

We’re all missing the social aspect of meeting our friends in the local restaurants and bars, and so the idea was born to publish selected recipes from the islands best chefs, mixologists, nutritionists and other industry professionals.

#HOMECOOKEDHEROES features a series of recipes that you can recreate from home.

Recipes to remind us of dining (and drinking) next to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, or under the Balearic nights sky at your favourite eatery. To remind us of the good time’s that we’ve had here over the years, and the good ones to come.

All of the recipes have been provided by professionals and will include ingredients that can be easily sourced, are reasonably priced and not too complicated to recreate from home.

We do have some special dishes and cocktails listed too which may take you a little longer to prepare, but that’s all part of the fun of cooking at home, pushing yourself to create amazing meals that the whole family can enjoy.

You’re guaranteed to learn from the best in the business, direct from your own kitchen and with more recipes added each week, you’re sure to keep your taste buds tingling with all that we have to offer.

If you’re a professional who would like to contribute your recipe to #HOMECOOKEDHEROES then please contact us here.

If you’ve used one of the recipes provided and want to show off the finished result,  please tag us on social media using the hashtag #HOMECOOKEDHEROES and we’ll share them on our socials.

Thank you.


A Q&A with Jennifer Bexley – Yoga & Fitness

Jennifer Bexley – aka Jennuine Fitness


Meet Jen, a Fitness and Yoga instructor based in Ibiza.


Here is her Q & A!


Q:  Hi Jen, what made you choose a career in fitness and yoga?  Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

A:  I was an active teenager and was always into fitness, particularly swimming and running.  After leaving school, I started to train like crazy as I wanted to join the Army.  I ended up injuring myself so I decided to sign up in college to do an NVQ in Administration instead, and my workplace training was in a Sports Centre which I loved!  I was told that if I got my Lifeguard certificate, they’d offer me a job (which I did) and then I promptly took a Swimming Teacher course! The injury was a blessing really. Continue reading “A Q&A with Jennifer Bexley – Yoga & Fitness”