With Love From Ibiza – Small Local Businesses Making Big Waves On The Island This Year

Ibiza 2023

 Ibiza 2023

Ibiza is home to a world of wonderful creatives and entrepreneurs.

From fashion designers to wine manufacturers, jewellery makers to arts and craft enthusiasts. All working tirelessly to produce something unique and different, hoping it’ll catch the eye of those who are in search of something special from the island.

In this article we are focusing on the ‘small’ yet mighty business owners, who live and create here.

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Home Cooked Heroes – Ibiza PT2

Home Cooked Heroes Ibiza

Home Cooked Heroes Ibiza

We started Home Cooked Heroes back in 2020, during the peak of lockdown.

It was a time that left millions of people unsure about the future ahead. A time that had an impact on so many lives, for a multitude of reasons.

It was also a time that also got our creative juices flowing. We had more available hours to think outside of the box.

One thing we’re passionate about is the hospitality industry, and we were concerned for local businesses owners who were forced to close their premises until further notice.

Determined to ensure that their venues weren’t forgotten about, we started Home Cooked Heroes.

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The best gifts for Mother’s Day from Ibiza – 2021

Undecided on what to get for mum this Sunday?

Yes we know that Spanish Mother’s Day isn’t until the 2nd May, however the expat mums get the pleasure of celebrating it twice a year, which is a bonus if your offspring live with you on the island.

We know that many of you haven’t been able to visit family during these difficult times, which is why we’ve decided to put some extra special ideas on our list this year, as we’re sure that mum deserves the world right now.

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