Ibiza’s Alcohol Ban – FAKE NEWS

Ibiza’s Alcohol Ban – FAKE NEWS

So we’re sure that you’ve seen the new reports from the media as of late.

And ‘surprisingly’, also from specific travel agents.

If not, then allow us to enlighten you.

Since 2020, there were reports that all inclusive hotels in San Antonio could only serve a maximum of 6 drinks. Per day, per guest.

That’s right.

Visitors paying (often) thousands of their hard earned cash, were being told that they were now going to be limited upon their arrival.

For something that is meant to be unlimited.

TRS – 5 Star, All Inclusive – San Antonio

That sounds like a bit of a con, doesn’t it?

Why on earth would travel agents and hoteliers offer an ‘all-in’ price, if it wasn’t ‘all-in’?

Why would they happily take your precious coin, promise you a specific level of service, and then choose to do the opposite?

If you’re thinking, “surely that doesn’t sound right”, then bravo.

Because it’s not.

Yes, we said it. The information being pushed out to you via social media is false. Fake news, completely incorrect.

In fact, if it wasn’t so detrimental to peoples livelihoods here, it would almost be amusing.

But it’s not.

Sirenis Seaview Country Club – All Inclusive – San Antonio Bay/Port d’es Torrent

Misinformation can be seriously damaging, especially to smaller businesses trying to survive for the short summer season.

The 6 drink rule doesn’t apply anywhere on the island. Because there are absolutely no all-inclusive hotels in the area mentioned.


A lot of companies on the white isle only operate from May-October.

Meaning that the money they earn during that time has to last for the following 6 months. Until the new season starts again.

With big-named corporations and businesses posting such ludicrous and fictitious information. It can have a serious impact for many here.

Mostly for those that solely rely on the tourism industry throughout the season.

Many of whom are still trying to make up for a significant loss of income from covid.


And with the said season now kicking off, these familiar names are reposting the same regurgitated nonsense again. For the fourth year in a row.

Their followers are falling hook, line and sinker. Now debating whether or not they want to visit.

We could understand if there were actually any all inclusive hotels in the west end. But because there isn’t, it’s so frustrating to keep seeing this propaganda.

That may sound dramatic, but that’s exactly what it is.

‘Propaganda is the dissemination of information—facts, arguments, rumours, half-truths, or lies—to influence public opinion.’

And it’s working because people believe it, and are doubting whether they should still book.

Empty Restaurant

One less visit means one less restaurant booking. One less item bought in a small, independent shop. And one less bar customer.

It means a reduced income for people. Local people, who have families to provide for 365 days a year.


Not only that, but last year a separate rule was brought in.

It was regarding shops not being allowed to sell alcohol after 10pm.

The time cut-off happens in many other parts of the world, and isn’t a big deal.

In fact, it’s been welcomed by many. As it stops late-night street drinkers breaking glasses, making noise and disrupting the neighbours. Both at night and into the early hours.

This year it’s now been put back to 9.30pm.

Still, not an issue really.

An Alcohol Ban on Ibiza? - FALSE NEWS

If you’re coming to Ibiza to be overly drunk, loud and obnoxious, then that’s not the type of tourism we need here.

Thankfully, that’s only a small percentage in comparison to the millions of tourists we receive each year. Contrary to popular belief, and no thanks to the press.

However, if you’re planning on being respectful whilst still having fun and enjoying the island, then we’re all for it.

There’s no better place in the world to enjoy the amazing nightlife, that the island has to offer.

Many have said that these rules include drinking on the beach during the daytime too.

Again, that’s incorrect. Surprise surprise.

If you want to take a towel, a picnic and a bottle of wine or some beer, then do it.

We do!

Just remember to take your empties to the bin when you leave, and you’ll be absolutely fine.

An Alcohol Ban on Ibiza? - FALSE NEWS

The 9.30pm rule is currently being portrayed as a blanket ban across the island.

Meaning that absolutely no alcohol can be sold anywhere after 9.30pm. This apparently includes restaurants, bars and clubs.

You’d be surprised by how many people believe this.


Do people genuinely believe that after that time, you can no longer order a wine with dinner?

In a culture that rarely even goes for dinner before 9.30pm.

Even with children in tow?

Do you think the bars all switch to serving mocktails?

That some bars on the sunset strip will continue to remain open until 3am, with no one drinking for a further five and a half hours?

Or believe the super clubs (that host world-class events until 6am) don’t sell a drop of alcohol, as they don’t open until midnight?

Ushuaïa Ibiza

Along with all of this, we’re now reading that boats will be affected here too.

This is also incorrect.

Party boats are still allowed to host their events in San Antonio.

And private charters aren’t affected.


The only thing charter companies and event promotors ask, is that you’re calm when boarding and leaving the boats. Ensuring you respect the local area, and not make too much noise.

This isn’t new, it’s simply common sense.

You’re allowed to have as much fun as you want, just remember to take your surroundings into consideration. As you would be expected to do anywhere else in the world.

Ibiza is no exception.

Pukka Up Boat Party – San Antonio

The reports are more than unbelievable, they are utterly ridiculous.

These specific media representatives should think very carefully about the impact their content has on others.

For them it’s all about hitting the headlines.

Getting as many clicks and likes as possible. Without a second thought for the impact it’s having on hard working people here.

It is deceptive, unscrupulous and wrong.

Ibiza’s Alcohol Ban – FAKE NEWS

Alexandra Ellis  – ARC IBIZA

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