Es Ventall – A gastronomic gem of Ibiza

Es Ventall – A gastronomic gem of Ibiza

Founded in 1982 by Miguel Bonet and Antonia CardonaEs Ventall has stood firmly as one of the best, and most-loved restaurants on Ibiza’s west coast. 

Providing diners with the opportunity to discover Sant Antoni’s more traditional side.

Along with simply exquisite, Ibizenc and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Offering a stunning selection of carefully-curated dishes, with an abundance of flavours. Including dentex ceviche with citrus tiger milk, grilled tuna ventresca and authentic paella. 

Es Ventall - A gastronomic gem with a 42 year history

For over 4 decades the family have taken great pride in serving fresh, local produce. As well as possessing a professional, highly experienced and honest approach to hospitality.

Es Ventall‘s interior is light, spacious and wonderfully welcoming.

With an open kitchen, where you can watch the magic happen before your eyes. 

Head chef José Miguel Bonet and his dedicated team creates each plating with the utmost care, attention to detail and true-passion for their craft. 

Es Ventall - A gastronomic gem with a 42 year history

Father Miguel taught him everything he knew about traditional recipes from the island. And now he has not only honoured to keep those traditions alive at his restaurant, but he has also added a modern twist onto newer additions. Just to spice things up a bit.

Growing his own fruits and vegetables, José likes to keep things ‘close to home’.


This includes using local farmers and fishermen. Which in-turn supports the local economy, and small business owners here.

His hard work isn’t done alone of course. As José‘s sister (and business partner) Marilina and other sister Josefina, are both part of the successful restaurant too.  Plus a reliable and passionate team to help the families dream stay alive.

Es Ventall - A gastronomic gem with a 42 year history
A family affair- Photography – Alex Soto

For those warmer evenings, you can always choose to dine alfresco in their pretty garden area.


Surrounded by plants and trees, it offers a true Balearic dining experience.

Always a popular choice with holiday makers. Who want to take advantage of the beautiful weather, that we regularly have here on the white isle.

It’s a chance to unwind, relax and spend time with the people you love, over good quality food.

It’s an excellent choice for groups, and for those who are seeking somewhere for a lovely romantic dinner.

Alongside Es Ventall‘s main menu, there is also a unique tasting one available. With a range of options, including sofrit payés Chinese bun and oyster tempura. Plus a fantastic selection of wine to accompany each dish.

With it proudly having 1 ‘Repsol Sun’ and also being featured in the official Michelin guide, you know you’ll be in for a gastranomic treat here.

A must visit when you’re on Ibiza.


Alexandra Ellis


Es Ventall – A gastronomic gem of Ibiza


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