Am I too old to visit Ibiza?

We read questions time and time again from people, asking if they’re too old to visit Ibiza.

Too old you ask?

How can you be too old to visit an island that’s had inhabitants since before 654 B.C?

That’s a pretty long time, don’t you think?

It’s an island that has raised generations of families, over a significant amount of time throughout history.

A place where you can get a mortgage and go to school. Dine at restaurants dating back hundreds of years, attend traditional fiestas and much more.

Ibiza is also somewhere that continues to celebrate an authentic community feel, along with so many settlers.

Which have been welcomed from around the world.

You see?

It’s just like everywhere else, only a lot more fun.

The famous landscape, beaches, weather, restaurants and all-round Balearic lifestyle, are a HUGE reason why millions of tourists continue to visit each year.

The iconic club-life and electronic dance music scene is a mere newcomer, in the grand scheme of things. Although a much-added-bonus.

You’ll never look out of place in a club here on the island. Regardless of age.

Clockwork Orange

Music is something for us all to enjoy.

And if you love to dance the night (or day) away, then the iconic white isle is the best place to do it.

What’s even better, is that the island still caters to lovers of the ‘old school’.

With a series of events at Eden (One More Time and Shine), Clockwork, Melon Bomb and even the absolutely outstanding Kevin and Perry Experience. Which will be held again on September 24th at Amnesia.

If you want to re-live, or delve-into a glimpse of yesteryear, then this night will be one to remember.

All of these events are highly popular with the ‘older’ crowd too. So you’ll definitely be amongst like-minded, similar-aged people.


If you’re not a fan on the nightclubs, then it doesn’t matter.

There is still so much to experience here, as there’s something available for everyone.

If you’re an epicure, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that Ibiza is home to a number of wonderful restaurants and bars.

From Michelin Star spots such as Unic, Etxeko and Es Tragón. Fine-dining luxury at NovikovAmalur or La Gaia. And the perfect venues for an evening tipple, including S’Escalinata, House of WOW and Juntos House

Whether you’re partial to Asian-fusion cuisine, or want to experience the islands freshly-caught seafood, including Paella.

You’ll find it all here.

House of WOW

If you’re after some R&R, then you’ll be spoilt for choice on this magical little rock in the Mediterranean.

From luxury spa days at the idyllic La Hacienda Na Xamena, to 1-2-1 or private yoga sessions on the beach or at your villa.

Simply bliss. 

If you fancy a beach day then you’re in the right place too!

With over 85 of them to choose from (including some simply stunning coves), you’ll always find somewhere to lay your towel and unwind.

So if you ever catch yourself wondering if you’re too old to visit Ibiza, think again.



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