Pintxa – San Antonio 2024 – Food and fun for all the family

Pintxa – San Antonio 2024 – Food and fun for all the family

This week sees the start of the Pintxa food festival San Antonio, which is celebrating its 16th year.

The competition will start from tomorrow (Thursday 29th February 2024) and continue to run through every Thursday until 29th March.

It’s a great excuse to get out and meet new people, as a number of venues host the annual event for residents and tourists alike.

Offering mini gastronomic masterpieces, for equally miniature prices.

Pintxa - San Antonio 2024 - Food and fun for all the family

If you’ve never experienced Pintxos before, then here’s a little breakdown of what to expect:

Throughout the day you can enjoy the true delights of San Antonio (Sant Antoni de Portmany) in full swing. It’s an event where numerous restaurants and bars welcome you to enjoy their annual Pintxos celebrations.

Upon arrival, you’ll find a special menu, with dishes to choose from for a set price.

A Pintxo is typically a skewer with something tasty attached, or a delightful offering on a sliced piece of baguette.

However, nowadays you’ll find more varied options, along with the more traditional ones. Including mini burgers and many more other ‘worldly’ options.

Some venues still keep the price towards the lower end of around €3.50, for a Pintxo and a drink (wine or a small beer). Other establishments are charging up to €7 for both.


From 7pm-10.30pm you can hop aboard the Pintxa mini train, which drops you at all the places hosting the event.

It’s great if you don’t fancy walking to each spot, and even better if you’ve got the little ones in tow.

If you’re not in a rush then you can always enjoy some more drinks at your chosen bar, before you head off to the next place when the time suits.

20 establishments will be taking part this year, and it’s set to be a fantastic day each week for the whole family.

Some bars are hosting the event all day, some during the day only, or just in the evening.

And that’s not all, as a number of local musicians will also be performing at many of the restaurants on the list!

You can see what’s happening, and which bars and restaurants are taking part, plus more information here.



Pintxa – San Antonio 2024 – Food and fun for all the family – Alexandra Ellis

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