Balearic Balance – Find yourself this winter

Sometimes we just need to switch off.Taking a break from the (often unnecessary) noise in the world, and engage with the beauty of our natural surroundings once again.

We often forget to relax, always worrying about the things we cannot control.There is nothing that can take priority over our mental wellbeing, although we’re programmed to believe otherwise.

In the cooler months, Ibiza and Formentera are the perfect islands to explore.

There’s something quite therapeutic about the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Gently reminding us that there’s a much larger existence out there beneath it all.

Along with the phenomenal sunsets of course to go with it.

A truly humbling experience.


Formentera is much quieter than Ibiza in the winter, but both are ideal if you want to reconnect with yourself.

The main restaurants that cater to summer tourism will of course be closed.

However, you’ll find some of the villages and towns local establishments open throughout the year, which are frequented by the islands residents.

Whether you’re a fan of hiking, walking or biking, there’s magic to be found around every corner.

Formentera is fantastic for bike riding, as the coastline offers wooden pathways which are only accessible by foot or pedal bike. If you’d prefer to hire a car, then you can easily do so year-round. With a number of rental companies still operating out of season, you can simply pre-book online before arriving.


Stroll in the sunshine and take advantage of the empty, golden beaches and clear waters.


You can easily get over to Formentera from Ibiza Town port, with ferries running daily.


From January to February you can witness the blossoming of the almond trees,  in the valley of  Pla de Santa Agnès Corona.

It’s the most famous and wide-spread land on Ibiza for these beautiful planted trees.

Please do however make sure you respect the area, and not climb over the protective boundary. They can easily be admired from a close distance. 

Enjoy a drive through the many country roads, and stop to take in the natural ambience of the Balearics.

Rest for a coffee at a traditional roadside cafe, before heading on your way to your next location.

Take a walk through the harbour and the Old Town of Ibiza (Eivissa), before wandering through the winding cobbled-streets and up to the top of Dalt Vila. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the most iconic parts of the island.

Providing you with panoramic views over the cathedral walls, and far out over the Mediterranean Sea.

Ibiza Town Port overlooking Dalt Vila

If you’re looking for something a little further away from the sound of every-day Spanish life, then there’s so many other amazing places you can visit.

Ibiza isn’t known for its impeccable transport links, especially in the winter months. So hiring a mode of transport such as a car or motorbike is strongly recommended.

Although, Ibiza Town is the most favoured place to base yourself out of season, as its the main point for bus links throughout the island. Albeit on a reduced schedule.

If breathing in that sea air and looking over the cliff’s edge is more your thing, then head over to the top of Cala Llentia, where you can take in the glorious scenery from above.

It’s a good place to visit if you’re into your architecture, as this is where you’ll find ‘The Door to Es Vedra‘. Plus ‘Time and Space‘, by sculptor Andrew Rogers.

A popular spot with yoga lovers at sunset.

Time and Space by Andrew Rogers
Venturing further over towards Cala d’Hort, you can choose to descend down the steep rocks towards Sa Pedrera. Dubbed Atlantis by tourists over time, for its mostly ‘underwater’ setting.
The former sandstone quarry boasts a number of rock formations, with almost-biblical engravings on them. The natural rock-pools within its enclave are also great for swimming in. Yes, even at this time of year!
Sa Pedrera
If you’re a fan of heights then why not hike up to the Es Savinar watchtower, with a jaw-dropping gaze at the magnificent Es Vedrà.
Es Savinar watchtower and Es Vedra
Es Vedrà is steeped in myths and legends.
From being the third most magnetic place on earth, to a home for sirens, luring sailors on their travels.
It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most featured images for wellness brands the world-over.
There really is something wonderfully strange about this protected, uninhabited rock. We just can’t quite put our finger on it.
Wherever you choose to visit on the island, you’ll always find something, or nothing to do.
We could easily spend all day talking about the island, but we’ll leave you to experience it for yourselves in peace.
Don’t forget, whilst the daytimes are often sunny and warm, the evenings are getting much cooler now. So don’t forget to bring some extra layers! 
If you’d like any tips or advice for your travels here, please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you’d like to book a yoga session or other wellness experience then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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