Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

If your little monsters love the spooky season, then why not make it that extra bit special for them this year?

Having a movie night or hosting a party? If so, we’ve found some of the best child-friendly, yet terrifically terrifying-treats for them (and you) to enjoy.

Spider Web Pancakes

A treat to behold this Halloween with this mega- moreish, spider web pancakes recipe.

Packed with fluffiness, and way too good to miss.

The web is made using food colouring, but you can be naughty and add chocolate if you wish.

Make sure there’s enough to hand out though, as we don’t think they’ll be around for long!

Spider Web Packcakes
Charlyne Mattox – Country Living

Frightening, Frozen & Fun-Size!

A quick whizz of blueberries, banana, and apple juice in a blender. That’s all it takes!

Plus a halloween themed ice cube tray of course, to our into.

You then have these fresh, frozen, and low-fat yummy treats!

The Foodie Physician

Pumpkin English Muffins

Perfect for a light (ish) snack, any time of the day.

Smothered with red-pepper houmous, and topped with diced celery sticks

If the muffin is a little too heavy for your liking, you can always substitute them for rice cakes!

Your miniature goblins will love these, and you only need three main ingredients!

Houmous pumpkin style muffins

Green Apple Monsters

They look so ghastly, the kids will never know that they’re also healthy!

A win-win all round!

All you need is peanut butter, cheddar cheese, apples, pumpkin or sunflower seeds and candy eyes!


Fun & Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids
Emily – This Healthy Table


Simple, quick and easy. Plus devilishly delicious!

These cute little bat treats are the ideal addition to a Halloween party, and so fun to make!

A flavoursome blend of honey, uncooked oats, cocoa powder and a few other goodies, make for an adorable bite-size snack.

Just follow this method and voilà!

Mouthwatering, minature mammals at the ready!

Fun & Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Pumpkin Patch Cake

We love creativity, especially when it comes to food. And this gorgeous cake is definitely one of our favourites.

Ok, so it’s not 100% healthy. But hey, we all deserve a little treat everyone now and then, right?

With strawberries to resemble pumpkins, Oreo cookies and pretzels, what’s not to love?

It’s the sort of patch you won’t want to leave until you’ve ‘collected’ them all.


Pumpkin Patch Cake
Beth Branch – Country Living



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Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

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