Eerie yet elegant Halloween dinner party recipe ideas

Halloween dinner party recipe ideas

You’re never too old to enjoy this magical season.

It’s a time where witchcraft isn’t frowned upon, and looking as frightening as possible is the norm.

A time where you can get weird, and explore your inner malevolent side without question.

It’s also a great excuse to get creative in the kitchen, and host some seriously spooky dinner parties!

In this blog we’ve chosen the most eerie-yet-elegant recipes, to blow the cobwebs away from your cauldron.

Below are some of our favourites.

A Sinister Spread

Dark and devilish. Perfect for a ghoulish, grown-up get together.

With a black, orange, purple and red combination, you’ll have fully understood the assignment with this beautiful spread.

Simply arrange some dark fruits such as dates, plums and figs. Along with cheeses and pumpernickel crisps, on black servings plates.

Simply beautiful, and the perfect, aesthetically-pleasing platter to impress your guests.

Martha Stewart

The Underwater Underworld

This beautiful ramen dish will be a huge-hit with seafood lovers.

Mainly consisting of mussels, squid, salmon roe, miso and mushrooms.

The dark black ‘worms’ are simply squid-ink spaghetti, with a clever twist.

For the full recipe and instructions click here.

Daniel Gritzer – Serious Eats

Chilling Chorizo

Honey and red wine glazed chorizo bites.

Rich, flavoursome and easy to make.

An excellent appetiser over a glass of wine before the fun starts! 

Eerie yet elegant dinner party recipe ideas for Halloween
Kristen Stevens – The Endless Meal

Swamp Eggs

Naturally dyed deviled eggs, turned into something that looks quite horrifying!

No food colouring is used either, making them even more guilt-free.

As for the swamp-dredged filling, it’s just a glorious mix of creamy garlic and dill.

We love it!

Eerie yet elegant dinner party recipe ideas for Halloween
An Edible Mosaic


Alexandra EllisARC Ibiza 


Halloween dinner party recipe ideas

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