Stop ignoring social media for your hospitality business

Hospitality, social media and why it’s important

If you think social media isn’t that important for your hospitality business then think again.

Inactive social media accounts can sometimes lead to a loss on profits.

Unless your venue is fully booked (or at least thriving each day), then there really isn’t a good reason as to why you’re not utilising your online-accounts properly.

And even if you are busy, there’s no harm in going that extra mile is there?

Social media is a highly powerful tool. One which allows potential customers from outside of your normal network, to find (and possibly book) the services you have to offer.

We’ve come across a number of restaurants, bars and even hotels over the years that pay little-to-no-attention to their SM accounts. With some not even having any set up in the first place!

That’s something that’s alien to us, especially in this day an age.

We’re in a vibrant, technology-driven era, where online-presence is imperative for success. Which is exactly why it’s a trillion ‘dollar’ global-industry. For good reason.

A number of years ago we spoke with a business owner who couldn’t understand why their venue was quiet. They explained that they regularly posted on their Facebook page, but very rarely had any new faces visit. It was only people they knew.

After a brief discussion, we quickly realised that they meant they were using their own personal page. Which had nothing to do with the business.

They had been open for a long time, but never had much interest in promoting online, as ‘it wasn’t their era’.

We explained that only their ‘Facebook friends’ would know when they were open. And without actively showcasing their venues services and opening times to the outside online-world, then no one else would hear about them. And ultimately never visit them either.

We’re from the phone book era. Before Google and Facebook. Before Instagram, and the million apps which we now have at hand.

However, people no longer use the Yellow Pages. Nor do they buy physical newspapers, or solely-rely on verbal recommendations to find out where’s ‘hot’ to go these days.

Everything is now available to you in one simple click.

With a wealth of information at your fingertips, why would you as a business owner not want to use that to grow not only your client base, but also your bank account?

If you’re not prepared to move with the times, then you cannot complain when your business isn’t gaining the interest you’d like.

Empty restaurant
Empty restaurant

There’s always something new to learn online too. Including ways to scope out possible competition, and use their victories to improve your own progression.

Your online-visibility and reputation is vital.

How do you know what people are saying about your venue if you’re not looking? It’s important to know what’s going on, so you can make any improvements where necessary.

You can also respond to any reviews or queries, and keep on top of any discussions that may be happening regarding YOUR company.

The modern-world now communicates online.

People are more likely to send you a message via social media,  as opposed to making a phone call these days.

Whilst some will say that we’re now losing our ability to communicate properly, we are in fact just simply communicating in a different kind of way.

Hospitality, social media and why it's important

Keeping up-to-date with the ever-evolving world on a professional level, is paramount to keeping your business in the minds of the consumer.

By using the options available to you, you can easily increase bookings, build a loyal network of followers, and gain return-customers. Which is ultimately what you want, right?

We can of course however make some exceptions.

Especially for some traditional family-run businesses, that want to keep things how they began.

Trying to convince your first-generation, restaurant founder great-grandfather that you want to put them on Instagram, isn’t always received with a warm welcome. And we get it. Some people don’t like change.

Hospitality, social media and why it's important

But, what about those other owners who refuse to evolve, nor welcome new ideas to boost their sales?

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to have an online ‘existence’.

With many options available to suit a range of budgets.

From hiring agency professionals, to using a relative or friend with the right skills to help you grow online.

Good content and consistency is key.

It’s the reason why a multitude of establishments are turning over millions in profit each-year.

If the whole concept is unfamiliar to you, then why not have a little ‘crash course’ on the basics?

That doesn’t mean you have to manage everything. No, as someone else can still do that for you on your behalf.

But that does mean that you can keep a check on their progress in your spare time, from wherever you are. Easy peasy!

Have a think. You’ll be surprised what a difference social media management can have on your long-term success.


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Written by Alexandra Ellis



Hospitality, social media and why it’s important

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