The truth about San Antonio Ibiza

The truth about San Antonio Ibiza – Alexandra Ellis 

There’s many faces to the wonderful town of San Antonio, contrary to what the media likes to portray.

Whilst it’s true that it’s one of the main ‘resorts’ for young British tourists to base themselves during the summer months, it’s also a popular location for people from all around the world.

San Antonio covers approximately 127 km², and has a population of over 27,000. It’s not confined to just a couple of streets, it’s a very large and beautiful place to be enjoyed by all.

It offers a dynamic mix of entertainment, culture, gastronomy, history and scenery.

And there’s something to keep all walks of life happy whilst they’re in the area.

It is a must-visit for a multitude of other reasons, and here’s why:

Sunset Central

San Antonio is home to some of the best sunset locations not only on the island, but in the world.

From the famous sunset strip to the walk up to the top of ‘Capella de Sa Talaia’, where you get uninterrupted views across SA, Cala de Bou and Cala Gracio.

It’s the backdrop for many marriage proposals too, with its romantic setting and glowing skies, who could say no?

Whatever the season, the sunsets from this side of the island are simply unforgettable.

San Antonio Ibiza
Kumharas Sunset


There is always a party to be found here throughout the year.

From the annual Sant Bartolome fireworks on the 24th August, the Rice Festival,  PintxosFlower Power, Ibiza Global Radio Festival and so many other dates for the diary.

And these events aren’t just for adults either.

You’d be surprised by how many family-friendly get-togethers are put on for people on the island throughout the four seasons.

It’s simply fantastic!

San Antonio Ibiza

Festive Season

Christmas and Three Kings (6th January) are two of the best times to visit San Antonio.

It’s a time to get together and make the most of each others company, often with glorious weather to go with it!

With parades, stalls, food and drink huts, live music and dancing, it’s a great opportunity to experience how it really is here. A fun and positively-thriving community!

The local school kids get dressed up to join in the fun, there’s a Santa’s grotto, with the big man himself makes an appearance too!

Christmas on the White Isle

Food Glorious Food

There’s lots of wonderful restaurants here.

From traditional Spanish to authentic Italian, Japanese and more. Many of which are open year-round!

Ibiza isn’t as expensive as you’re led to believe either.

The ‘tourist trap’ venues often charge a premium to visit, but what about the local dining and drinking establishments that cater to people nearly 365 days of the year?

Well, you can find plenty of places to spend the afternoon or evening here, without breaking the bank!

You also won’t be rushed, as the ‘Mediterranean-way’ is to enjoy your time at your table. Relax, chat, eat and drink!

Some of our favourites to visit are Es Verro, Es Clot, Es Ventall, YenuinaRitas Cantina Es Nautic and Kvida. With the last two being located along the pretty harbour-front.

Es Nautic – San Antonio Harbour

The Beaches & Coves

In the summer months you’ll find that the beaches are very busy.

This is because San Antonio is home to some of the best on the island.

With some truly stunning stretches of sand such as Cala Gracioneta and Cala  Saladeta, offering crystal clear waters to take advantage of.

They can also be enjoyed ‘out of season’ too.

With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year here, autumn and winter beach days are highly popular with those that live here. As it’s much less crowded, and people have more time to themselves to relish in their surroundings

Cala Saladeta


Home to one of the main bus stations on the island with a number of connections. You’ll be able to easily travel into Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia and many other parts of the island during the summer months.

After October, the time table is greatly reduced due to a smaller demand.

But, considering that Ibiza Town is also one of the best places to visit out of season, you’ll have a direct journey from here and to there, in around 25 minutes!

There is also a taxi rank opposite the pharmacy in San Antonio. Which will take you to wherever you want to go.

If you’re thinking about hiring a car then we recommend Moto Luis. A family-run and well respected company near the iconic ‘egg roundabout’.


There has been a number of beautiful new hotels ‘pop up’ in the area over the last few years.

Many of which offer a luxurious, 5-star stay, and an exceptional service to match.

From the new, all-inclusive TRS hotel with outstanding views over the town and the sea, Stic Urban and the popular OKU.

If you’re thinking that all inclusive isn’t worth it because there’s a limit on drinks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that’s not the case.

The ‘restriction’ on AI doesn’t apply to any hotel on the island, as there are no all-inclusive hotels within the zones mentioned.

So sit back, unwind, and explore that inviting cocktail menu! 

TRS Hotel

The summer in San Antonio is fun, busy and vibrant.

With some fantastic parties at clubs such as Eden and Es Paradis, along with many busy bars with music until the early hours.

With the arrival of autumn brings a totally different vibe to this beautiful town.

One which we absolutely love, for its ability to always have something to do. And for its range of fun-filled events to keep the locals happy.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then you can also book a fun day Go-Karting, a private boat charter, Cap Blanc Aquarium the Sling Shot and so much more!

The truth about San Antonio Ibiza?

If you’re thinking of visiting the Balearic island of Ibiza, make sure it’s on your to-do list!

The truth about San Antonio Ibiza  – Alexandra Ellis



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