Professional photography and why it’s worth the investment

Professional photography and why it’s worth the investment
Have you ever looked online (via Facebook, Instagram etc) and seen a restaurant that’s advertising?
You click on the page, and the first thing you see is a photo of their food.
The image is crisp, clear and inviting. It’s so good that you can almost taste it.
It’s that great, that you want to make a reservation.
What about clicking on a page and seeing a photo that’s been taken on a phone with a poor camera quality.
The food looks pretty awful.


With bad lighting, mess in the background and it generally just doesn’t look appealing at all.
Would you book? We know we wouldn’t.
Good quality, high resolution images of your food and beverages are key to creating something that people want.
They say you eat with your eyes, and that’s most definitely the case within this industry.
A lot of business owners don’t want to pay for professional photography, as it can often be expensive.
Low quality photos can lose you money, and nobody wants that do they?
Hiring someone who’s experienced and skilled, to take the best shots of what you have to offer is important.
If you have an eye for photography yourself, then a good quality camera and good lighting are better than the opposite.
Remember, professional food photographers and experienced. They have spent a lot of money on training and equipment. Plus many weeks, days, months and often years into perfecting their craft.
Their work involves a lot of different techniques, special tricks, editing and knowledge in the industry.
They don’t just pop in, take a couple of photos and voila! It’s ready to post.
There’s much more to it.
If you think that their prices are expensive then you’re right. They are expensive, because they are professionals in their trade.
The time spent, knowledge and skills warrant their fee.
Experienced photographers are more than often worth the investment..


Some of the benefits can include:
  • A boost to your social following
  • More bookings
  • More enquiries
  • Greater chance of having your content shared and in-turn seen by others


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