Hämbre Ibiza

Santa Eulalia is by far, one of the most visited parts of the island year-round.

One of the main attractions aside from the beach, is of course its restaurants.

With part of the town having rightfully earned the epithet, ‘Restaurant Street’ over the years. It’s clear to see why it’s so popular amongst foodies.

Home to a vibrant mixture of eateries, serving a range of dishes from around the world.

The popularity of the street over the years has brought a number of restaurateurs to the area, looking to make their dream a reality nearby.

One of those places, which has won the hearts of locals and holiday makers since opening in 2019, is Hämbre. Located only a 3 minute walk away.

Owners Antía and Matias were initially brought together after meeting in New York.

Fast forward, and after a brief spell in Siesta, they set up ‘shop’ in Santa Eulalia.

And Hämbre was born.

“A Mediterranean haven in the culinary heart of Ibiza”

Hämbre Ibiza
Hämbre Ibiza

Hämbre is a love story about food.

With a passion for Mediterranean cuisine, Chef Matias and Photographer/Creative Director Antía have created something quite special.

Antía, is very much involved with the

Using locally-sourced, sustainable produce from the island, the focus is serving fresh, authentic and wholesome fare. Something that people from far and wide come to experience annually.

With professional and experienced support from chefs Javier Vázquez and Miguel López, Matias has created a stellar dream-team to work alongside him in the kitchen.

Hämbre Ibiza
Hämbre Ibiza

The restaurant is anything but ordinary. Regularly creating spur-of-the-moment dishes, to accompany their triweekly-changing menu.

There are also some firm-favourites which have stayed put, just in case you like to plan ahead. 

The ambitious trio work closely together. Ensuring that each plate is delivered with confidence, and welcomed with excitement.

Inquisitive diners are encouraged here. The chefs love to delve into the reasoning behind the dishes. Explaining which ingredients were used, and where they came from.

Hämbre Ibiza
Hämbre Ibiza

With a variety of wonderful options to choose from, you may may take a while to decide.

However, you’re never rushed here, so why not ponder over a glass of wine?

With that being said, there are over 20 different types available, as Hämbre is also a natural wine bar!

Your waiter can advise you on which wine best compliments your dish, if you need a hand.

Decisions decisions. 


To reserve your table or for more information please visit their website.


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