Why you must try Can Domingo Ibiza

why you must try can domingo ibiza – Alexandra Ellis

Italian fine dining, surrounded by nature & away from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza’s nightlife.

Welcome to Can Domingo Ibiza.

Created by three friends back in 2012, Andrea Sanarica, Alessandro Barni Spadacini and Giuseppe Vivacqua turned this ancient finca into the highly-recommended venue that it is today.

Can Domingo Ibiza
Left to right – Alessandro Barni Spadacini, Giuseppe Vivacqua and Andrea Sanarica.

With a shared love for the island, excellent hospitality and stunning food, they collectively went on to develop something very special indeed.

Head Chef Giuseppe prides himself on his craft, and this reflects continuously in the dishes that are served at his restaurant. His dedication to all things gastronomy, proves why people return time and time again.

Andrea is front of house. With a background in hospitality, marketing and management, there was no better role for him as co-owner of the restaurant. Experienced, always professional and has a genuine dedication to excellent customer service.

Alessandro‘s dream for owning his own restaurant on the island started at a young age. He’s since made that dream a reality, after moving with his family from Milan in 2011. He is an excellent host at the restaurant, and a specialised wine consultant.

Can Domingo Ibiza

“The food philosophy at Can Domingo is very simple – fresh, quality produce made with love and respect.”

Enjoy dishes such as risotto with raw Ibizan prawns, lemon and basil. Or maybe try the paccheri pasta, with Roman-style ox tail stew.

Not your average Italian restaurant offerings, which is why it’s worth a visit.

There are of course vegan options available too.

Although the restaurant is fine dining, it still provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Making you feel at home and not rushed in the slightest. Taking time to enjoy the ambience and indulge in good conversation.

It must be that famous Italian hospitality!

Can Domingo Ibiza is a culinary treasure-trove full of delectable, authentic and flavoursome fare.

Will you be adding it to your list for your travels this year?





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