Home Cooked Heroes – Ibiza PT2

Home Cooked Heroes – Ibiza PT2

We started Home Cooked Heroes back in 2020, during the peak of lockdown.

It was a time that left millions of people unsure about the future ahead. A time that had an impact on so many lives, for a multitude of reasons.

It was also a time that also got our creative juices flowing. We had more available hours to think outside of the box.

One thing we’re passionate about is the hospitality industry, and we were concerned for local businesses owners who were forced to close their premises until further notice.

Determined to ensure that their venues weren’t forgotten about, we started Home Cooked Heroes.

And although we couldn’t alleviate the initial worries that they faced, it helped in terms of momentum.

Keeping their businesses names at the forefront of people’s minds, for when tourism could return to the island.

Vegan Pancakes – Jordan Ashton – Kick Ibiza

The website went on to gain thousands upon thousands of views over just a matter of weeks. With many local restaurant owners and chefs coming forward. All wanting get involved with the project.

Sharing one of their favourite recipes for you to recreate at home, whilst you reminisced about happier times here on the white isle.

Supporting local restaurants and small businesses on Ibiza.

A number of well respected venues and chefs came together to promote their eateries to the masses, and with great results.  A real sign of hope during difficult times.

Home Cooked Heroes Ibiza
Reina Nagai – Nagai Restaurant – Photo by Alex Soto https://www.instagram.com/alexsotophoto/

Started by two dedicated individuals, who worked around the clock to create something truly unique.

Something which showed our dedication and solidarity, to those really struggling to see a light at the end of the tunnel for their business. 

A sense of community

To show that they weren’t to be forgotten any time soon.

We designed a brand new, in-depth website, bursting with creative recipes from some exceptional creatives here in Ibiza.

A website which offers step-by-step instructions, to enjoy the flavours of your favourite island-based restaurants.

One which was (and still is) devoted to showcasing the very best culinary talent, that this magical little rock in the Balearics has to offer.

From a stunning Miso Salmon from Head Chef (and now co-owner) Glyn Caldecott at Relish, to an authentic Ibicencan Paella from Alejandro Velazquez at Sa Paella Club.

Home Cooked Heroes Ibiza
Sa Paella Club – Chef Alejandro Velazquez’s Authentic Ibicencan Paella

The dishes included in the campaign were those that had Ibiza lovers dreaming of returning some day soon.

With support from Essential Ibiza and The White Isle, amongst many more. Home Cooked Heroes showed what this island is all about in times of struggle.

With 2023 well underway, the second year of post-covid, restriction-free holidaying is now upon us.

What better way to celebrate than by continuing to show support our for the business owners here?

It’s about those who are working towards what’s set to be a very busy summer here in Ibiza once again.


We’re on the look out for more collaborations. If you’re an Ibiza-based restaurant and want to get involved, then simply send us an email to info@alexandrarosecreative – with your recipe idea and information on your venue. 



For more information all things Ibiza, and our services, please visit our website www.alexandrarosecreative.com



Home Cooked Heroes – Ibiza PT2

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