Q&A with Jennifer Bexley – Yoga & Fitness

Jennifer Bexley – aka Jennuine Fitness


Meet Jen, a Fitness and Yoga instructor based in Ibiza.

Jen has a passion for helping her clients build a better, healthier version of themselves. 

The fitness trainer has helped a number of the islands residents transform their unhealthy habits, by encouraging them to become motivated, dedicated and inspired. 


Here is her Q&A!


Q:  Hi Jen, what made you choose a career in fitness and yoga?  Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

A:  I was an active teenager and was always into fitness, particularly swimming and running.  After leaving school, I started to train like crazy as I wanted to join the Army.  I ended up injuring myself so I decided to sign up in college to do an NVQ in Administration instead, and my workplace training was in a Sports Centre which I loved!  I was told that if I got my Lifeguard certificate, they’d offer me a job (which I did) and then I promptly took a Swimming Teacher course! The injury was a blessing really.

Q:  What made you decide on moving to, and pursuing a career on the island?

A:  I moved to Ibiza in 2009 to try my dab hand at DJ’ing.   I had been living and DJ’ing in Australia for 5 years and I came to attempt to pave my way into the club scene. However, due to too many late nights and inconsistency with work, I found my way back to the fitness industry.

The alternative Sunset Session

Q:  What makes you stand out from other fitness and yoga instructors out there?

A:  I believe that my training is different.  I motivate and encourage people to really try their best in the sessions.  I pay close attention to posture and alignment, and also the way that the exercises are executed.  On top of that,  I absolutely love training and helping people to make a positive change. I am passionate about what I do, and others can see that.  It always makes me glow when I am talking about, or teaching fitness.


Q:  What’s been your biggest career achievement to date?

A:  I am still working on that one 😉 Watch this space….

Jen offers both group bookings, and personal training sessions with dedicated programmes

Q:  If you had to choose, what would be your favourite venue to teach from and why?

A:  I would love to do a massive fitness class at Ushuaia Beach Hotel.  Initially I  wanted to do a massive jump rope class but to be honest, any kind of fitness session would be awesome!  I’d have a DJ playing banging music to get everyone energised and there would be motivational images on the LED screens too. We’d just get out there and have it!

Ushuaia, Jen’s ultimate training venue


Q:  What’s your plans work-wise over the winter?

A:  A lot! I currently have personal training clients,  and I’m also running my fitness and Yoga classes both in San Antonio and at Fred’s Finca in Salinas. https://fredsfincaibiza.com/

I am continually working on my website jennuinefitness.com by creating new and exciting blog posts for people to enjoy.  It’s a new blog, so I have my work cut out developing all the content right now.  On the side, I am working with a new online training app so that I can help more people.  It’s quite exciting as I create the workouts and sign clients up to a specific program.  I can track the client’s progress through photos,  measurements,  group chats and Skype calls, plus I can even see when the client signs in for their workout, should they choose to let me see that is!

And if that’s not enough, I’m also busy working on a new brand called Fitness & Yoga Ibiza with a very good friend of mine https://www.thehighs.life/ where we will be delivering holiday makers and workers all their fitness and wellness needs in one.


keeping up the pace

Q: What can we expect to see from you next summer work-wise?

A: I can promise you that you will see me providing fitness and Yoga sessions with complete dedication and absolute passion to to all those willing to take part.


Q:  Sell your fitness programme in only 5 words

A:  Jennuine, Sustainable, Motivating, Strong, Confident


If you’d like to book a training session with Jen then the contact details are below!


Jennifer Bexley
Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor / Nutrition Specialist
M: ‪+34 698 495 259‬
E:  jenn@jennuinefitness.com
W: www.jennuinefitness.com

Instagram: @jennuinefitness

Twitter: @jennuinefitnss

Facebook: @jennuinefitness


EDIT: Jen has recently featured in our HOME COOKED HEROES campaign!

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