5 ways to cure your Ibiza hangover productively

The two words ‘Party’ and ‘Ibiza’ blend blissfully together, kind of like like Strawberries and Cream.

Hangovers however go together like Chalk and Cheese. And nobody likes that.

At home we sit in bed the next day (or 3 if you’re over a certain age like myself) and think about our life choices and how we really shouldn’t have had that 7th Tequila shot, or danced on the table. But what do you do when you’re on holiday?

There’s no time to waste feeling sorry for yourself, you have to make the most of each day! That means you need to drag yourself out of bed, have a shower, wash lasts nights glitter from your tired face and check out my ‘5 ways to cure your hangover productively’ in Ibiza this summer.

1. Es Vedra:

A 413-metre-high rock just off the west coast of the island with an incredible, and mysterious history. Not only was it featured in the iconic 1958 movie South Pacific when it was used as a stand in for a fictitious rock named Bali Hai, it also has thousands of years worth of magical tales which makes it a truly magnificent spot to relax and take the world in.

From sea-nymphs which would lure Odysseus from his ship, to UFO sightings! It is also the third most magnetic place on earth!

Not only does it look mesmerising, it’s also very calming to sit and watch the sea gulls glide over the rocky Island so gracefully. There’s various locations to visit where you can marvel at the stunning creation, including Torre del Savinar (Pirate tower) in Punta de Sa Pedrera which has a fantastic history of its own or from Cala d’Hort Beach. The view of Es Vedra also boasts one of the most stunning sunsets on earth. You’ll need a car or taxi to get there as there is no public transport, but it’s definitely worth the trip!

The magical and mythical island of Es Vedra Ibiza
The magical and mythical island of Es Vedra Ibiza

2. Benirras:

Ibizan sunsets are somewhat of an art form, and with its rich history of being a musical haven for the free and hedonistic, Benirras is the perfect spot to unwind and let yourself go. Cala Benirras is located in Sant Joan on the North of the Island.

It really captures the true and unique spirit of Ibiza. On Sundays you can witness the wonder that is ‘The Day Of The Drums’ at sunset. This ritual first started on August 18th 1991 when hundreds of people joined together on the beach to protest the Gulf War. It really goes to show how peaceful this island is to react in such a positive and constructive way.

You can simply sit there and relax to the beat of the drums while the sun goes down in front of your eyes, while sipping on a cool can of Cerveza. Heaven!

Benirras beach and the drums at sunset
Benirras beach and the drums at sunset

3. Formentera:

Now I know it’s not strictly Ibiza, but it’s so close and too amazing not to include it.

Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands. Located just 30 minutes away by speed boat from Ibiza Town or an hour by ferry, also from Ibiza Town, Formentera is dubbed the Caribbean of the Balearics. It’s clear to see why. With stunning golden sands and sparkling, crystal clear turquoise waters, this unspoilt Island is the ultimate spot to get away from it all and unwind after a hard nights partying. You can hire a car or motorbike to tour the island, or simply hire a push bike for only 10 € for the day! It’s perfect to stop off and do a bit of beach hopping!

There are specially designed wooden pathways which only offers access to pedestrians and push bikes, so you can venture along the coastline and take in the breath taking views of Formentera and Ibiza without having cars and bikes whizzing by. There’s also a number of wonderful restaurants carefully dotted all over the island offering a range of dishes from authentic Paella and Tapas, right through to freshly grilled Fish and Chicken. There are also various Vegan restaurants for you to choose from if you don’t eat meat or fish.

I recommend returning at sunset to top off your experience on a natural high!

Formentera the Caribbean of the Balearics
Formentera the Caribbean of the Balearics

4. Yoga and Breakfast by the sea at Amante:

Need to cleanse your body and mind of the long night before? Amante, the stunning restaurant in Cala Llonga offers a relaxing Yoga session followed by a healthy breakfast buffet for only 30€ from Monday – Friday. Starting from the 7th May, going right through the summer until October 5th 2018. A wonderfully relaxing way to unwind with spectacular views over the Mediterranean Ocean. For further info or to book please visit https://www.amanteibiza.com/yoga

Yoga at Amante Ibiza
Yoga at Amante Ibiza

5. Shop ‘til you drop in Ibiza Town:

The picturesque town offers an array of shops to splash your cash in. From your high street fashion branches such as Mango, right through to little boutique stores in the historic Dalt Vila (a stunning walled town which was built in the 16th century to protect its inhabitants from invaders). There is so much to choose from. If you’re into something authentic then there are plenty of handmade items available, including one of my favourite boot designers, Hector Riccione who has been creating stunning leather boots since the 80’s.

Shop till you drop in Ibiza Town
Shop till you drop in Ibiza Town

So there you have it, 5 ways to get over your hangover in style whilst in Ibiza. Sounds good right?

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