Formentera – The Gem Of The Balearics – 2018

Formentera – The Gem Of The Balearics – 2018

Dubbed the ‘Caribbean of The Med‘, it’s clear to see why.

With picturesque, turquoise waters and pure white sandy beaches – Unspoilt and magical.

It’s a precious gem that hasn’t succumbed to mass-tourism, or overbearing hotels. 

You can reach the it only by boat from Ibiza Town. Whether that be by private charter for a more personal touch, or by ferry.

The views are unrivalled. Passing various uninhabited rocky islands along the way. Es Vedra can also be seen en-route, making the journey that extra bit special.

Es Vedra

Approaching the port feels as though you’re stepping back in time.

A fishing village feel with slight modernisation. However they are subtle and stylish touches, that blend effortlessly with its traditional surroundings.

To experience it in all its glory, we recommend hiring a car or moped.

It’s only a small place, but you cannot see it all on foot, or by bike.

Busses also run from the port, which can take you to several parts of the island. Although these aren’t frequent, and cut into your time spent there.

Formentera is a place where you can collect your thoughts.

If you’re staying on Ibiza then it’s the perfect getaway. Especially if you’ve had a bit of a heavy one the night before.

Where the crisp sea-air brings you back to your senses, and encourages you to relish in every second you’re there.

The beaches are clean, free of rubbish and perfect for families looking to spend some quality time together. The shallow waters are also ideal for the little ones to splash about safely.

With wooden pathways made for touring the island by push-bike, it enables you to travel across the glorious coastline with ease.

If you’re into your photography, then Formentera is an idyllic destination to capture the real ambience of the Balearics.

The natural light, glittering azuline-ocean and traditional architecture, `all make for flawless imagery and memories to last a lifetime.

Lay a beach blanket down and relax on the warm sand, or maybe stop off at a waters-edge restaurant for lunch. .

You can even head into one of the 6 towns or villages, such as Sant Francesc Xavier, or Sant Ferran de ses Roques for a cool drink to re-hydrate.

There are some really lovely eateries on the island, most of which serve authentic, locally sourced Mediterranean cuisine.

Formentera is a place to see at least once in your lifetime.

We guarantee it’ll be worth it.



Written by Alexandra Ellis.

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