Formentera The gem of the Baleàric Islands – April 2018

I love Formentera. I have never been to the Caribbean, but it is dubbed the ‘Caribbean of The Med’ and it’s clear to see why. With stunning turquoise waters, pure white sandy beaches, stretches of sea salt laden ‘glittering’ pathways perfect for bike riding and a view to die for, Formentera really is a gem in its own right.

It’s not the first time I’ve visited, and it most certainly wont be the last.

On Wednesday I took the Baleària ferry from Ibiza town with a friend, on the hour long (but worth it) journey to Formentera. The views from the ferry are stunning as to be expected, with the iconic and magical Es Vedra rock in the distance you really feel a sense of peace as you head out to sea, en route for the smallest of the Baleàric Islands, Formentera.

Formentera The gem of the Baleàric Islands
Formentera The gem of the Baleàric Islands
Formentera The gem of the Baleàric Islands
Formentera The gem of the Baleàric Islands

As we approached the Port we looked down at the stunning transparent waters below us, it was almost as though we were floating on air!

Stepping off the boat we were waved off by the friendly ferry staff and headed through the pretty port for the bike shop.

Formentera is popular for hiring cars and bikes to get around the Island on and see all it has to offer.

For only 10€ each we hired a classic push bike with a basket and set off on our adventure.

Having visited before I sort of knew my way around the port side of the Island so we headed straight along the coastline for El Pirata beach. April is one of the best times to visit Formentera if you want to catch a tan in peace. The sea is cold but the beaches are pretty much empty compared to the summer months. It is beyond beautiful. I did go in the sea but wasn’t brave enough to go in further than my knee caps, although there were a couple of people who were courageous enough to go all the way in.

Formentera might be next to Ibiza but it’s like it’s older, more chilled out family member. There’s no superclubs, no airport, no McDonalds and no drunken tourists wobbling all over the place!

It’s like a little slice of heaven! A place where you can collect your thoughts, and if you’re staying in Ibiza then it’s the perfect getaway if you’ve had a bit of a heavy night out the night before.

Formentera is Perfect for people of all ages. Kids can safely enjoy playing about in the sea while parents can bask in the beautiful sunshine from the beach. The sand beneath the water goes on for miles at a shallow depth so it’s perfect for little ones.

I’ve always wanted to visit Playa de Ses Illetes. A mesmerizingly beautiful part of the Island. A long stretch of rock and sand with the dazzling blue sea either side of it. Very glad I did, it only takes about 20 minutes by bike and the view is simply gorgeous. I don’t have a drone, or a plane but I do have Google Images, and this Image is by far my favourite!

Formentera The gem of the Baleàric Islands
Formentera The gem of the Baleàric Islands

If you’re into your photography then Formentera is the perfect spot to take some truly captivating shots of it’s surroundings.

We arrived on Formentera at 12.30pm and our boat left at 6.30pm. Unless you have a car it’s impossible to enjoy the whole Island in one visit. All the stops you make do take up some time to enable you to make the most of it. This didn’t matter though as the experience is definitely worth it!

As we headed back towards the port after a wonderful day we stopped for lunch at Art Café. Considering the location the restaurant was very fairly priced. For two large meals, Alioli as extra and two alcoholic drinks with mixers (with the generous Mediterranean measurements) the total bill came to 38€. We also received free bread and Olives so it really was worth it. The waitress who served us was lovely too!

Formentera The gem of the Baleàric Islands
Formentera The gem of the Baleàric Islands

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat with the beach pretty much on your doorstep then I can also recommend El Pirata Restaurant. The view, ambiance and food is well worth the price having visited myself a couple of years ago.

Formentera has to be one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever visited. Maybe one to add to your Bucket List?

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