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So I’m sure you’ve seen the hype on Twitter recently about the sparkly new products from Newcastle based company, Popaball.

They specialise drinks accessories which can be added to Prosecco, Vodka Champagne, Cocktails, Mocktails & more!

Being a Prosecco fan myself I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
Stockist’s Lakeland kindly sent me a sample pot of Rose ‘Gold shimmer to try, and the results were fabulous!

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“Great for Summer”

Last week I visited one of the restaurants Market for and tried it out on the diners!


Large Pimp Your Prosecco Party Kit - Fizz


It advises you of how much Prosecco to put in the glass before sprinkling the shimmer inside. Me being me I decided to fill the glass most of the way beforehand, which resulted in an explosion of liquid all over the restaurant floor! This of course only applies when using a fizzy liquid.

The second attempt was much more subtle. Filling the glass one third of the way I then sprinkled half a teaspoon into the bubbles.

Stirring the concoction into the glass, the results became quickly visible.

The previously original yellow colour of the Prosecco swiftly turned into a glimmering pinkish delight. This then changed between a pretty pink & gold colour quite rapidly, swirling up and down inside the glass.

The shimmer adds a sweet touch to the original taste of the drink so it wasn’t altered too much. The product is more for look than taste but it sure looked pretty!

“Looks amazing”

Already a new favourite for upcoming Summer weddings I think Popaball will do extremely well this year!

Perfect for BBQ’s and ladies nights, it really is a beautiful product. I actually sat and watched it for a while, becoming hypnotised by the stunning colours blending into each other before getting two of the lovely guests to try it out!

It’s safe to say the ladies loved it too!

Popaball have a range of sparkly products to choose from! Perfect for your special event or cosy night in with friends!


From gift sets to single items, Popaball have the perfect choice for your party!
I’m thinking a huge Vodka and Lemonade punchbowl in the summer, with a handsome sprinkling of shimmer. Perfect!

You can check out their range via their website by visiting http://www.popaball.co.uk

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